Carita Group - Better Care


We have five core competences:
technological, manufacturing, commercial, clinical and business.

To develop and produce our products, solutions and services we have focused on developing our technological competence in

  • medical device adjustment technology, manual and automatic
  • air cell constructions and production
  • polyurethane foams, specifically for our applications
  • technical textiles

To manufacture our products and solutions efficiently and with high quality we have manufacturing competence in

  • global material and component sourcing
  • partnering with contract manufacturers
  • converting and assembly
  • risk analysis
  • quality and environmental management

To sell and market our products, solutions and services we have specific commercial competence in

  • hiring and educating professionally skilled salespeople
  • digital IT systems to support sales
  • education and training of our customers
  • ethical marketing of medical devices

To secure maximal patient safety for our customers we have high clinical competence in

  • clinical research
  • clinical evaluations and assessments
  • publishing reliable and relevant clinical articles and abstracts of high scientific value

To run our company professionally we have business competence in

  • strategy formulation
  • personnel management and compensation
  • pricing
  • financing
  • sourcing services