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Research and development

Research and development (R&D) sits at the heart of the Carital Group. Innovation in medical devices can take two forms:

  • developing new devices and new uses for them
  • improving an existing product

This is how we have developed the totally new and clinically efficient Carital Antideformation Technology®, which has yielded a range of new products: Optima, Juve, Neo, Prone, Bario and Opera. And remember: the therapeutic support surface market is one of the most competitive medical device categories internationally. We have also developed a unique range of products in the Pro series for the care of people with developmental disability and for psychiatric patients. R&D allows us to make the very best products in our field of specialization in and then take them global.

This is also how we have improved on existing products for patients. For instance, common hospital foam mattresses have been around for decades and lots of companies make them. Because quality information on these mattresses is often missing, we first, together with specialists and suppliers, defined and published (Ostonomy Wound Management, 2015;61(2):38–46) which criteria “higher specification foam mattress” (originally EPUAP and NPUAP definition) need to fulfil. Then we provided solutions on how to meet the criteria. This is how our Eko and TergoSafe products were developed. They are now the market leading therapeutic mattresses for medium risk patients in Finland.