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Frequently asked questions

How long does product development take?
The development time depends on a several variables, like the complexity of the product, the duration of clinical tests and the standpoints of the customer and authorities on the safety of our product.

The development process of a new medical device lasts normally at least 4 years, the development of a new product based on existing technology less than two. Our timelines tend to be shorter than that. We have been doing product development for years, we have learned the value of team work, and we are keenly aware of the pitfalls of the process.

Where do you undertake your R&D?
Our R&D programs are coordinated in our Helsinki HQ. The randomized clinical trials were carried out in Kuopio, Finland. We are fortunate to have committed colleges and universities which carry out clinical research in our home country. We have also collaborated fruitfully with several European hospitals when pursuing our R&D programs.
Where do the ideas for new or improved products come from?
Our development ideas are uniquely driven by patient needs, and we listen closely to the needs of  caregivers and consumers, as well. We employ our own sales team, within the company.  This is a big advantage. Our salespersons work closely with the R&D team in an effort to help the R&D people understand changing needs and novel solutions. A moderate company size brings the additional benefit of flexibility and agility.
What does the future hold for your niche products?
We are looking to sell our unique niche products to companies, dealers or manufacturers, outSlide Finland.  We seek collaborators who are well positioned in their specific geographic area to put the product on the market and to provide the service healthcare providers need.
Where do you manufacture your products?
All our products are manufactured either in-house in Helsinki, or by contract manufacturers in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.