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Medical technology for niches

The big companies tend to pay less attention to patients with rare conditions. Our success as a company builds on seeing opportunities to provide therapy solutions in areas that others have missed. As a flexible SME with strong R&D skills and versatile technologies we can and want to target niche markets.

We are a family-owned company with a strong sense of social responsibility; we are not driven by the quarterly profits. We think it is important to give something back to the society. Developing and manufacturing the niche products is the main way we do this.

When possible, we develop niche solutions which share the base technology with our volume products. This is, in particular, the case with Carital, which – compared to competitive technologies – is very versatile. Sometimes we improve or add features to products already on the market. Either way, we are able to reduce the development cost significantly which facilitates access to treatment of people with rare conditions.

Typical examples of our niche products are Carital Neo, the therapeutic surface used in incubators in neonatal intensive care units, OptimaProne, a specialty overlay used in intensive care units for prone position treatment, and Carital Opera, the minimum pressure mattress used in surgery during long-term operations. Our unique Pro range, which has been developed to help the care of restless psychiatric patients, is another example of a niche segment ignored by other companies.

Niche products should be profitable. Understandably, though, revenue is more modest compared with mainstream products. However, if a useful medical product is inaccessible because it simply is not available, all lose: It is bad for the companies who could do it, but, most importantly, it is bad for the patients who need the product but cannot get it.

There is one very positive driver when developing niche products: we learn! The needs in niche segments are very demanding. By providing solutions we, at the same time, develop our volume products further.