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We have 10 product lines

Automaattisesti säätyvät minimipainepatjat


Carital Antideformation Support Surfaces®

Korkealuokkaiset vaahtomuovipatjat


Higher Specification Foam Mattresses

Asentohoitotyynyt ja asentohoidon apuvälineet


Patient Positioning Aids

Automaattisesti säätyvät minimipainepatjat


Antidecubitus Neck Pillows

Istuintyynyt ja istumisen erikoistuotteet


Seating Cushions & Accessories

Ainutlaatuiset potilassiirron apuvälineet


Patient Transfer Aids

Erikoisratkaisut psykiatriseen hoitoon


Advanced Solutions for Psychiatric Care

 Tuotteet vuodehoitoon ml. pelastuslakanat


Patient Care Related Products

Vuokraus, huolto, leasing, koulutus, riskikartoitus


Rental, Technical Service, Leasing

Quality and environment statement

The Carital Group is committed to delivering evidence based advantage to customers. We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs and offer efficiency, quality, reliability and value that exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements. The Carital Group is committed to preventing pollution of environment.

The success of the Carital Group is powered by the attitude of our people, fair compensation, by technological, manufacturing, commercial and clinical competences, by teamwork, intelligent systems, innovative solutions and services. We prioritize highly continuous improvement of our Quality & Environmental Management System as a foundation of our business performance.

The people working at the Carital Group value safety, integrity and respect for each other and our customers. We comply strictly with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Carital Group is ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certified organization.